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Hey Bitch Beer Listeners! Thank you for tuning into this week’s episode with Jen Price! We had a great time making Beer Cocktails and we have all of the recipes we used in the show right here!

Jen provided three of the recipes and Ash and I both found one each.

We’ll start with the first Beer cocktail – Lord Grey and bourbon heaven! She didn’t have a name for it so that’s all I can think to describe this drink of the gods.

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!

Lord Grey Bourbon Heaven

1 rocks glass filled with ice

2oz of Bourbon

Agave Nectar

Lime juice

Stir together

Top with Lord Grey Sour from Three Taverns

Garnish with Rosemary and lime wedge

This cocktail was just amazing. All of the flavors were perfect and complimented each other gorgeously. It was so fucking delicious and refreshing, it will totally be a staple in my poolside summer draaaannkkss.

Next up we have the Munich Mule! Again, another amazing refresher. I was pretty surprised by this one.

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!

Munich Mule

2oz Tito’s Vodka

1 tbsp. agave nectar

1oz Lime Juice

Shake with Ice

Muddled Mint in bottom of rocks glass

Pour shaken mixture into Rocks Glass with ice

Top with Emergency Drinking Beer from Wild Heaven


Garnish with Lime wedge, Candied Ginger and mint

I am personally a huge fan of Moscow Mules, so this was a welcome addition to my cocktail list. The Emergency is nice and light and makes a great base and of course Tito’s vodka is fantastic, there’s no after taste so it compliments the other ingredients perfectly.

This next one is so amazing and such a no brainer, if you love mimosas, you will love the BEER-Mosa, so genius, yet so simple. I can’t believe I had never tried this before!

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!


Any sessionable IPA with a citrus backbone, we used Southern Prohibition’s : Devil’s Harvest, YUM!


Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

Orange Slice for garnish

You’ll start with any beer glass, if you’re like us, our cabinets are overflowing with different brewery glasses.

Mix equal parts OJ and your IPA, and a splash of the Grand Marnier and add your orange slice on the glass for perfect IG pics!

This one was pretty great, I wasn’t expecting it to be, but this will for sure be a new summer brunch fave!

Now we move on to the Beer Cocktails that Ashley and I found! Coincidentally, both of ours are from Second Self, they have great recipes on their website –

Ashley’s Beer cocktail is called Danger Zone using Second Self’s Margarita in Gose (MIG) Top gun reference. Yay!

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!

Danger Zone

Fill rocks glass with ice

Add 1oz of your favorite tequila (recommended: Herradura Reposado)

Add ½ oz of Triple Sec or Cointreau

Stir for 10 seconds

Top with 6oz of MIG

Garnish with lime

Wow! Just Wow, Gose is usually a saltier beer and the margarita flavors in the beer mixed into a margarita give this Beer cocktail a refreshing twist! This is a must for any Taco Tuesday celebrations! Or just a regular Tuesday. Or a Wednesday, basically any day you like margaritas and beer.

Finally, we get to my Beer Cocktail! This Beertail is called the Atlanta Sunset.This uses my favorite beer, Second Self’s Thai Wheat.

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!

Atlanta Sunset

Get out another pint glass

Fill ¾ way with Thai Wheat

Top with Lemonade

Add Splash of Pomegranate Syrup

Add Lemon Wheel and Mint for garnish

Although this was not the fan favorite, we only said this because ALL of our Beertails were amazing, this one is still a must have for summer parties. I can totally see myself making a giant pitcher for our next grill and chill. It’s refreshing, the flavors mix together perfectly, and most importantly, it’s not too sweet! Love it!

Jen Price Beer Cocktail Extravaganza!!

These are all of the ingredients we used! And Ben in the background focusing hard core on making us sound great!

Thanks again for listening! We hope this helps you add new beers to your summer drinking and new ways to drink them! Post on our Facebook and let us know what beer cocktails you tried or if you have some great beer cocktail recipes of your own! We’d love to try them! Cheers!